July 4th Pet Safety Tips

Hard to believe that July 4th is this Monday!  Wow!  Here are some pet safety tips to keep your precious treasures out of harms way.

  • Keep your pets away from the BBQ area due to matches and lighter fluid.
  • Do not give alcoholic beverages or caffeine to your pets as it is toxic.
  • Keep your pets home; don’t take them to the fireworks display.
  • Make sure your pets have their proper tags attached to their collars. If they were to get loose, they can be properly returned.
  • Lots of dogs end up in shelters on this day as they get disoriented and lost due to fireworks.
  • Keep your dogs in the crate if necessary.  As another option, keep them in the laundry room as it is typically well-ventilated.
  • No table leftovers as they can be toxic.
  • Keep them inside so they are safe.
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Helpful tips for moving your pets

Some people have asked me lately about moving and your pets. The key is to plan ahead and here are some actions to take to make the transition easier:
1) Take them in the car with you a few times to get them used to the idea.
2). Take some pillows from the old house to the new house and a few days later bring them back from the new house  to the old house so they start getting used to the scent.
3) When transporting, make sure they are crated or seat belted with a harness so they are safe.
4). Some animals get anxious so you can purchase items like a Thundershirt, Bach’s Rescue Remedy, or essential oils such as lavender that is soothing.  Another option is, if need be, contact your veterinarian to see what other remedies are available.
5) On the day of moving make sure you have your dog on a leash with his or her tags with your telephone number.  Your cat place in a cat carrier, so he or she will not run away.  Make sure to have a collar and tag on as well.
6) When you get to your new home, make sure your pets are secured in a well-ventilated area such as a laundry room if it is inside the house or in a bedroom or bathroom with the door closed.

You want to have a plan in action ahead of time and to keep your pet safe.

Any other questions, contact President Max-well’s Pet Services. 561-827-7298