Oh, no! My cat has struvite crystals!

Oh, no! My cat has struvite crystals.  Last week I observed my cat, Presley hanging out by the litterbox and urinating frequently and noticed blood.  He was also peeing on blankets frequently too.  I contacted my veterinarian and he told me to come in immediately which I did.  On a side, if a male cat has a urinary tract infection, it can be very serious if left untreated.  Male cats have been known to die within in three days as they get blockage.

So I went to the vet and he said he does indeed have a Urinary Tract Infection.  Thankfully he was not blocked.  The bladder area was soft which was good.  He suggested Presley start on a veterinary food diet and take an antibiotic called Orbax, that I administer once a day by mouth and a prescription of 1/4 tablet of Valium to relax his urethra, and drink a lot of water.  He also sent me home with a test kit to get a sample of his urine.  The test turned out to be that Presley has the Struvite Crystals.

I am not a fan of veterinary food.  So, I went to Healthy Pets with Dr. Karen Becker‘s website and read that raw rabbit would be a good protein for my cat and cranberry helps too.  So I purchased the raw rabbit, which Presley devoured thankfully.  I also went to a local vitamin store and purchased Stone Free,™ which is an herb that dissolves stones and crystals as well as provides urinary, kidney and gall bladder support, and cranberry d’mannose.  I mixed a tablet of each and put it in a glass with 1 oz of purified water which lasts three days —  On day 3, you must change to new tablets and water —

Then I filled up an eyedropper and have been giving it to him two times a day.  I also purchased a cat water fountain placed away from the food.  Very important is your cat have water.  So far Presley, my cat is doing well.  He is peeing good.  I have been checking his litter box for blood which there has been no presence of thankfully.  So far this regiment is working well.  As a cat sitter in Jupiter, FL, it is my honor and duty to keep my clients and audience informed of how Presley is doing.

*Disclaimer  This is not to substitute for veterinary advice.  Always consult with your veterinarian and follow what you feel is right for you.  This is a very serious challenge that requires veterinary attention.

Photo courtesy of June Collins, Pet Sitter in Jupiter, FL

Photo courtesy of June Collins, Pet Sitter in Jupiter, FL

What you can do when your pet transitions

Some years ago I lost my dog Zeppelin who was my German Shepherd and best friend. For quite a few years I suffered emotionally from this tragic event as I did not know how to cope. (To me, there is nothing worse than losing a pet) One day a friend of mine came over and handed me an ad in the newspaper that a local hospice was having a Pet Bereavement Workshop and urged me to attend. So I attended. What a relief it was to go. As a result, I had closure with Zeppelin’s loss, they gave me tools on how to cope and literature and resources to use. Through Zeppelin’s loss, led me to walk dogs as it filled my void.

Folks, it is not the end when you lose your precious treasure. There are ways to cope. There is plenty of information and resources that you can tap into. Websites such as They have a candle lighting ceremony every Monday evening. Another great resource is as well as many others. Some books that have helped me are: How to Survive the Loss of a Love by Melba Colgrove, Ph.D, Harold Bloomfield, MD, and Peter McWilliams, very light reading, but very good. During this time period, in my opinion, is to go light on the mind/brain. Another great book is The Fall of Freddy the Leaf by Leo Buscaglia. This is a children’s book, but it is light reading.

Some other tools I have used to memorialize my pets losses are: Journaling, blogging, poetry, and art work. I have also used modalities such as Reiki to clear the negativity, essential oils, candles, and crystals. You can apply these tools, resources, and information to humans too.

Remember, this is not the end when your pet dies, grieve the loss, feel the feelings, take care of yourself, seek help, if necessary, and just know, this has been my experience, they will send you a gift from the other side.