In Memory of Zeppelin, My Sweet German Shepherd

This blog is dedicated to my German Shepherd, Zeppelin who passed away  quite some time ago. For the miracle of pet bereavement support, I am able to own a dog again. Zeppelin, thank you for being in my life.  I dedicate this writing in your memory.

I remember when you came home for the first time, Zeppelin. You were so cute. I named you Zeppelin. I took you everywhere with me. I loved you very much. When you were a puppy, I would sneak you on the bus in my beach bag. That’s when you were very small, of course. One day when I took you to the beach, you peed in my beach bag. I saw the bag dripping, people noticed and laughed!

You were such a pretty dog. you had a beautiful blond face with a black snout. I just loved the blend of the the colours of your coat. you were a tri-colored, Sable shepherd. You were blond, tan, and black. You were gorgeous. You were also my protector and best friend. You would growl if you didn’t like somebody! You were my dog! Dr, Nowicki, the veterinarian even complimented me by saying she had never seen a dog attach to her owner as you did with me. We had a very strong bond. Everybody knew you were my dog.

It never failed, when a police car or ambulance’s siren would go off, you would always howl. To this day, I always hear your howl whenever I hear a siren. I even howl for you. That’s the wolf in you!

I will always love you. You will forever be present in my heart and soul.

We honor your memory, sweet girl.

We honor your memory, sweet girl.

How stormy weather affects dogs: The Story of Chance

ChanceHow stormy weather affects dogs?  Let me tell you about Chance, a sweet and adorable Cairn Terrier.  This season I had the privilege and honor to walk Chance,. We took some good long walks together and he was spoiled with pampering, belly rubs, and treats.  But when
rainy or a stormy weather was coming, Chance became very anxious. He was a totally different dog.  How?  He would pant, run around the house, simply put: he could not stay still. When he was in his crate, he knocked over his water bowl and relentlessly paced back and forth. So I put a Thundershirt on him when he was in that state and he calmed down considerably. Long walks were extremely helpful as well as he worked off the nervous energy.  I even left the Thundershirt on during his walks too.

On occasion, when I was walking him, we would stop during the walk, sit on the grass, and I would rub his belly to reassure him that everything was going to be okay — Just so you know if we smell rain, so can they, many times more — As I had said to Chance’s owner, “When bad weather is coming, Chance can be your organic barometer to alert you that bad weather is on its way.”

Just remember when it rains or a bad storm is coming and if your dog reacts unfavorably, try the Thundershirt to calm them down, Bach’s Rescue Remedy or some lavender essential oils. If necessary, contact your vet to prescribe a tranquilizer or some type of calming meds. Remember your dog is your organic barometer.