What cat food do I feed my cat and why?

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What cat food do I feed my cat and why?

I was recently asked by a friend “what cat food do I feed my cat Presley and why?”  The answer is….. I feed my cat, Presley raw food.  Why do I feed him raw food you may ask!!!!!!  He was having digestive issue one morning, and it came to my mind about a client that was having similar issues with her cat and I also read an article about how raw food can help.  So I thought I would give that a try.  Guess what, it worked. 

How has Raw Food helped Presley?

Raw food has helped my Presley immensely.  He does not have the digestive issues as he was experiencing. His eyes glow like marbles, his teeth and gums are healthy; he has a lot more energy, and his fur is soft as silk.  And I attribute this to raw food.  I also am adding some pumpkin and goats milk yogurt to his regiment.  Pumpkin is a good fiber and the goat’s milk for the probiotic factor. He always looks forward to his Pumpkin treat.

Suggestions for purchasing Pet Raw Food

Now, raw food, may I suggest you purchase it from a reputable pet food store for safety, sanitation, and health reasons.  We live in Jupiter, FL, so we purchase ours from Healthe Pets Market .  

As a result of feeding my cat Presley raw food, I feed my dog Maxwell raw as well, which has helped his allergies immensely. 

Raw food comes in a variety of proteins, such as duck, rabbit, venison, turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, fish, and more. 

It also comes in a variety of types such as patties that are 8 0z., logs, chubs, medallions (1 oz.), and bits (kibble-size bites).    Here is a great resource for Best Raw Cat foods and here is a good resource for the Best Raw Dog Foods.

If you have any questions about raw food, you could always contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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