Oh, No! My cat has struvite crystals.

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Oh, No! My Cat has struvite crystals.

Oh, no! My cat has struvite crystals.  Some time ago I had observed my cat, Presley hanging out by the litterbox urinating frequently and noticed he was peeing blood.  He was also peeing on blankets.  I immediately contacted my veterinarian and he told me to come in right away which I did.  On a side, if a male cat has a urinary tract infection, it can be very serious if left untreated.  Male cats have been known to die within three days, as they get a blockage, and, as a result, their kidneys shut down and death occurs.

Course of action and recommendations

So I went to the vet and he said he does indeed have a Urinary Tract Infection.  Thankfully he was not blocked.  The bladder area was soft which was good.  He suggested Presley start on a veterinary food diet and take an antibiotic called Orbax, which I administer once a day by mouth and a prescription of 1/4 tablet of Valium to relax his urethra and drink a lot of water.  He also sent me home with a test kit to get a sample of his urine.  The test turned out to be that Presley had the Struvite Crystals.


I am not a fan of veterinary food and always try the holistic route first; so I decided to go to a holistic veterinarian’s website. On that website, I read that raw rabbit would be a good protein for my cat, as it is a detoxifier. I also know, from personal experience, that cranberry helps as well.  So, I purchased the raw rabbit at a local pet store, which Presley devoured thankfully.  

I also went to a local vitamin store and purchased Stone Free,™ which is an herb that dissolves stones and crystals. It also provides urinary, kidney, and gall bladder support. I also bought cranberry d’mannose that is a sugar that binds to the bladder.  I mixed the Stone Free™ and the cranberry d’mannose together in a glass with 1 oz of purified water which lasts three days —  On day 3, you must change to new tablets and water. Then I filled up an eyedropper with the mixture and administered two doses a day. He responded to this course of treatment. Have not had any issues since then.

 I also purchased a cat water fountain and placed it in another area of my home away from the food.  Very important for your cat to have water. Best to purchase a stainless steel, ceramic, or porcelain fountain, as plastic builds up bacteria.  So far Presley, my cat, is doing well.  He is peeing well. Yay!  I have been checking his litter box and no presence of blood to this day.

Here is a good article on the prevention of getting struvite crystals. As a cat owner, you need to look out for the magnesium and phosphorus amount in the cat food.

I have encountered UTI’s on several of my cat sits and contacted the owner’s and their veterinarian immediately.

If you should have any questions or want to book a visit, please contact me.

*Disclaimer  This is not to substitute for veterinary advice.  Always consult with your veterinarian and follow what you feel is right for you.  This is a very serious challenge that requires immediate veterinary attention.

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