My name is June Collins, and I am the owner of President Max-well’s Pet Services, LLC. I have lived in South Florida for most of my life.   I worked in the legal system for 15 years in various capacities to include Court Reporting, Police Explorer with the North Miami and Metro-Dade Police Departments and also a Guardian Ad Litem in the 11th Judicial Circuit, Dade County Florida.  

You ask, how did I get started in the pet sitting/dog walking business?  

As a child, I always loved animals. They provide such unconditional love. If I saw a sick animal I would try to make it better. I also loved going to Catskill Game Farm in UpState New York to feed the live stock and also go to lots of zoos. The love animals give is insurmountable! Anyway, I grew up with a menagerie of animals but this leads to a special dog named Zeppelin who was a German Shepherd.

My friend had called me up and said a friend of hers was going to take her to the pound, as she was the runt of the litter and nobody wanted her. Well, that is all you had to say to me is to take an animal to the pound, as those days, they would euthanize them, not have a prayer. So, I took her. What a sweet girl she was and protective too. We went through a lot together.  I took her everywhere with me. We were attached at the hip. Even the vet said that she never saw a dog get attached to its owner as she was with me. That has been the underlying messages I received throughout my life. I will digress that I was attacked by a German Shepherd as a child. After being a GSD owner, I am very fond of the breed.

Getting back to the reason why I got in the pet sitting business!  I was a student at FAU and I wanted to earn some extra income as I had recently lost my German ShepherdZeppelin and I needed to fill a void. So, I started dog walking and pet sitting.  Fast forward many years later my cat passed away and I had always wanted to own a Scottish Terrier, for them being smaller and having a similar temperament. My friends found a Scotty mix at the shelter and adopted my Maxwell. He is actually a Blue Heeler mix. When I brought him to the vet she remarked on his coloring. She knew Zeppelin’s story,  and she said, “there is a reason Maxwell came into your life; Zeppelin did not want you to forget her.”    

So now you know why I am a proud pet sitter and dog walker!

I have been doing it approximately 18 years. In 2012, I decided to launch a full-time pet sitting business; hence, President Max-well’s Pet Services!  

What is special and unique about President Max-well’s Pet Services is you get me. It is personalized.  I am always taking classes, webinars and attending conferences to further education.

I would love to be your dog’s or cat’s best friend by providing walks, sits and playtime! Dogs are social and need that individual attention. Cats too. Dog walks benefit their emotional and physical wellbeing. Cats need attention too! They love to play, be fed, receive love and petting. Yes, a clean litter box too!

I look forward to being part of your family.

Reach out to set up a meet and greet.

At the meet & greet I first get all of your pets info and to make sure your dog or cat, bird or other pets are comfortable with me. I take your pets health and medication history and any instructions you may have.