FAQS Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about President Max-well’s Pet Services that we hope are answered.

What services do you offer? We offer dog walking, cat sitting, pet sitting, overnights, and litter box cleaning.

What types of pets do you care for? We take care of dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, fish and small reptiles.

Are you bonded and insured? Yes, we are. We are Insured and Bonded with Pet Sitters Associates.

What types of Covid-19 protocols do you have in place? For more information, please visit our Covid-19 Protocols page on our website.

What are the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter? A professional pet sitter has chosen this as a career and is committed. They know what to do when an emergency arises. They make sure they are fed properly and are administered medications and the correct dosage when needed. A professional pet sitter seeks out learning all the facets of the industry by taking courses, attending webinars, and going to conferences.

What to expect at the meet and greet? At the Meet and Greet we take your pet’s history, get your information, emergency contact, the name of your veterinarian should an emergency arise, medications, and how to administer them. If the visit is for a dog, we take your dog for a walk to make sure your dog walks okay and also see how he or she bonds. We want to give you peace of mind knowing that your dog, cat, bird, small animals are comfortable with us. Also, you, as pet parents, we want to see if we are a fit for each other.

What types of payment do you take? We take Cash, Checks, Venmo, and Paypal. You can pay with your credit card online as well.

Again, we hope that this FAQS-Frequently Answered Questions page has been of some help to you. You have any questions, please contact us.