Hurricane Preparedness for your Pet


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Here are some invaluable basic hurricane preparedness tips to keep your pets safe from the storm.

Make sure all of your pet’s vaccinations and medical records are up to date. And have copies of them with you. Also, have enough medication on hand.
• Have a carrier on hand just in case you have to transport and to keep them safe. Make sure you have bedding, so if you have to evacuate, your pet is comfortable. (Have contact info visible on the carrier.)
• Keep your pet inside and not in your vehicle. If you have to evacuate, bring your pet with you, so they will not get traumatized.
• Make sure your pet is micro- chipped, so if your pet does get lost, he can be found.
• Have plenty of water, (make sure it is the water your pet is used to drinking.) If it is different water, it could trigger a digestive episode.
• Have enough dry food and treats for a few days. (Wet food not recommended, as it needs refrigeration.) Unless it is a small can of wet food.
• Collars and leashes. On the collar, make sure their tags are secure and have your contact information.
• Have a pet first aid kit as a precaution for any cuts or wounds.
• If you want to board your pet, make a reservation ahead of time. Should the necessity of going to a shelter arise, make sure the shelter that you go to allows pets.
• For this and other information, contact the experts at President Max-well Pet Services, we will be happy to help.  561-827-7298

Some websites to consider: for pet friendly hotels, motels, restaurants and other resources for pets and their owners.

ASPCA for further info on disaster preparedness

©Copyright 2012 by President Max-well’s Pet Services, Inc.

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