Treat your dog to Popcorn on National Popcorn Day

TGIF it is Friday! Guess what, today is National Popcorn Day! And did you know that your dog can have popcorn too! Yes, he or she can; however, make sure that there aren’t any popcorn kernels as they can damage their teeth or choke. (  So, when you either microwave or pop your popcorn on the stove, thoroughly sift through the popcorn and remove any kernels! And for dietary reasons, have it plain – no butter! Much healthier.

If you’re not comfortable giving your dog  human popcorn, No Problem! Give he or she Pupcorn and they’ll feel like they’re joining you in your movie time

Well, as you know it is Friday, and it will be a great excuse to watch a movie and treat your dog tonight to some popcorn or Pup Corn on this special day, National Popcorn Day! Enjoy.
By the way, what movie will you be watching OnDemand tonight?

National Popcorn Day



  1. Great information. Im sure my dogs will love trying pupcorn.

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