Why I would not board?

Why I would not board?  Let me tell you my story.  We went on a family vacation and left the dogs at a boarding facility.  They had runs, etc.  However, my dog Zeppelin was very stressed when we picked her up.  She was hyperventilating quite frequently.  I contacted the vet when we got home and brought her in.  She said she was stressed by the boarding.  She was hyperventilating lots still.  Then, a couple of days later, I brought her into the vet again.  The vet said she was stressed and gave her something to calm her down.  My poor Zeppelin was so anxious.  From there on, I decided I would not board any of my dogs.  I feel they should be in their own environment and be on their routine while their owners are away. And also hire a professional pet sitter.  Being in their home, there is less risk of contracting diseases such as Kennel Cough and less of a chance of getting into a dog fight.  They also get personalized care by getting fed, walked, played with, and any other individualized attention they need to have met by a professional pet sitter.    

I have attached a good article on the pros and cons of boarding vs. pet sitting.  It is a decision that you ultimately have to make.   Remember, a professional pet sitter gives your dog or cat individual attention, waters your plants if requested, brings in your mail, takes out your garbage, and, your house is secure.  

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Stressed out dog from boarding

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